Friday, February 29, 2008

Me and famous people.

A couple of the cool people I have met lately. sorry they are so fuzzy but if you know them then you will be ok with it. One is of me and Elder L. Tom Perry. and the other is of me and Marcus. he is a stand up comedian. so so funny.

Smart little girl

Madison trying on daddys glasses.

Daddy Daughter.

These were pics taken of madi and i the other day. She is laughing so hard because we were watching The Jungle Book. She loves Baloo the bear.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Summer Days

summertime with the whole family. we both loved it so much.

Madison playing in the snow

These pictures are of my little angle playing in the snow. she got a snow suit and I carved a path in the snow that she could walk through. she really loved and and i think you can see on her face how new it is to her.

Wesley and Madison update

Well this is my week without madison but amanda is letting me watch her during the day. I am so happy for that. she is so so so much fun. She loves to play with her blocks and make a mess of the T.V. room. Her favorite shows are Sponge bob, blues clues, the backyardigans, and the fairly odd parents. she also likes to sneek around the house and have you try to find her. She is still in the mode of if she cant see me i cant see her. and does not know the giggleing and screeming kind of give her away. It is so fun though. Amanda always dresses her up so so cute in the morning and some how she does her hair like a pro. when i do here hair she still looks like a homeless little kid. "buy me last pape sir" ha ha ha anyway she is growing up healthy and strong.

I am doing well. mom and dad went to salt lake today and will be back thursday. They were going to take grandma to julies but julie said she has the flu so cant watch her. " cough cough. Deeds i cant come into work today i think i got strep throat. cough cough" yeah right. so guess who gets to watch grandma. ME its not so bad. She gets to hang out and watch boring old movies and i get to watch spongebob. not a big deal. kind of annoying because i was planning on relaxing and sleeping in. but such is my life these days. I am still waiting to hear back from dispatch. you would think if they were 5 people short they would want to get people hired. but they have a plan i guess.

well i guess that it for today. more later.

Wesley And Madison Allen

Friday, February 22, 2008

Whats happnin

ok so let me get this going. madison is 22 months and her favorite past times are throwing a tantrum and dancing. Dont be alarmed by the tantrums. they are the cutest thing you have ever seen. And they usually last about 5 second until she finds somethign that takes her mind off of it. She loves going to nursery and playing with her friends there. she is getting so big and so smart. Although she cant always say what she wants she can understand everything anyons says to her. the hard part comes when you want her to listen to you. she has selective hearing like her daddy. he he he.

I am doing well waiting to hear back from the dispatcher job. I went and sat in with the dispatchers thursday night. it was fun. we sat around for an hour and had no calls then just before i left a woman called 911 saying her husband is beating her. there was a lot of yelling and cursing and then she got cut off. we called back a couple times and the husband kept hanging up until the police got there. Then we moved on to more calls. That bothered me because i wanted to know what happened next. It was intence and fun.

well thats it for now. let me know what you think about this blog here.