Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ok so lets see what i can tell you all. I have not put anything on here for quite some time. but i blame my father because he is the one that supplies me with all my pictures and guess what....he has not given me any for a while. anyway what can i tell you........

work is going great. I was given the "I'm training my trainer" award this week. because while i am being trained i am always telling my trainer how to do things. or when she messes up. its sooooo funny. This week is national dispatcher week. so we get to wear jeans and t shirts. today is support your favorite agency day. and i cant seem to find my las vegas shirt so i might have to find somethign else. but I am really loving my job. i am on my own which is very good. they say i am doing better then they have seen anyone do in a long time. and that makes me feel good. My trainer has to put things on my daily report that she thinks i can work on and she is having a hard time thinking of things. hehehe. so yeah ill stick around for a while.

madison is growing up so so big. i am not sure how i feel about it. i love that she can talk so much and i dont have to cary her around. but she is not my little snuggle bug so much anymore. but i guess she always will be so ill try to stay happy. She is doing great though. and yes dad needs to take more pictures. heheheh.

well thats about it for now. sorry its kinda boring but thats my life.